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Pete Seeger, consummate storyteller

A few days ago, Pete Seeger turned 93 years strong. I had the very great fortune of meeting Pete at a show which featured him, his grandson, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, and Guy Davis back in 2008. With the news of his birthday, I went back into my archives and dug up the photos I took at that show.

Pete Seeger at Lebanon Opera House, Lebanon, NH. 2008I admittedly don’t remember much about the show itself, at this point, but I will never forget Pete, himself. Everything he speaks is a story, a connection of what’s happening in that moment to things which have happened before. I stood in the wings of the stage, watching soundcheck. When done, Pete walked over, looked at the art on the wall behind me, and started telling stories of other art on other walls in other theaters. The man is an endless source of history and art, truth and peace. I hope someone has been recording his stories because I can’t imagine any other simple place where all that knowledge is kept and so easily shared.

Thanks, Pete, for being who you are.

(oh, and the rest of the show, with Tao and Guy? I may not remember details but I do remember it was a terrific night of music. Thanks, gentlemen!)