NERFA 2013

Annual Northeast Regional Folk Alliance conference, November 7-10, 2013.

Folk DJ Showcase - NERFA 2013

I got into the room a little late so missed the first few acts. Included here: Karen Dahlstrom, The Folk Goddesses, Orien Freeman, Kat Goldman, Arjuna Greist, Matt Harlan, Brian Kalinec, Chris LaVancher, Jenna Lindbo, Low 'N Lonesome, Elaine Mahon, Paddy Mills, M.S.G. Acoustic Blues Trio, Tricky Britches, Tumbling Bones, Gilles Malkine, and Bethel Steele.

Panels and misc and lobby jams - NERFA 2013

Various moments from around the weekend, including a few of the panels (NERFA Newbie 1, On the Griddle 1, several on social media) plus just being around and about, and catching late night lobby jams.

Friday Formal and Quads - NERFA 2013

Includes Billy Jonas and the Billy Jonas band, Tall Heights, Connie Kaldor, OCEAN Quartet, Jean Rohe and The End Of the World Show Band, Darryl Purpose, The Hickory Project from the Formals. A sample from the Quads: Kim & Reggie Harris, SONiA and disappear fear, Meg Braun, Cary Cooper. MCs were Scott Alarik and Mary Sue Twohy (though I am horrified to find I failed to take a photo of her on stage - sorry about that, Mary Sue!), with interpreter Jody Prysock. I need a Time Turner or some clones for next year to get more of the Quads and still chat with people!

Thursday/Friday Guerilla Showcases - NERFA 2013

Late nights, great music. A fraction here of what was out there. Includes: Two of a Kind, Beth DeSombre, Rachael Sage, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Mara Levine with Gathering Time, The Yayas, Bernice Lewis, Kathy Moser, Sorcha, Kim Richardson, Twangtown Paramours, ilyAIMY, Sharon Goldman, Carolann Solebello, Jenna Lindbo, Louise Mosrie, Spuyten Duyvil, The No Fuss and Feathers Roadshow, Phil Henry, David Buskin, Matt Nakoa, Sarah Flynn, Kelly Ann Kerr, Michael Laureanno, Heather Aubrey Lloyd, Dennis McDonough, Neale Eckstein, Ansel Barnum. (quantities of photos often dictated by lighting in the rooms...)

Saturday Formal and Quads - NERFA 2013

Featuring Comas, Natalia Zukerman, Miles to Dayton, Amy Speace, Roosevelt Dime, Buddy Mondlock (with Melissa Greener), and the Boxcar Lilies with Craig Akin in the formals. Over in the Quads, I caught Red Tail Ring, Hayley Reardon, Karyn Oliver, Anne Weiss, and Harpeth Rising. MCs for the formal showcase were Kim Richardson and John Platt, with Jody Prysock interpreting again.

Saturday Guerilla Showcases - NERFA 2013

Afternoon presenter's showcase to start here. Then, more music, another late night. Just a sliver of what was happening: Shawn Taylor, Allison Shapira, Jenna Lindbo, Chris Ross, Paddy Mills, Avi Wisnia, Meghan Cary, Grayon James & Laura Spink, Derek Burkins, Marc Berger, Arjuna Greist, Brad Yoder, Connor Garvey, Natalia Zukerman, Jagoda, Louise Mosrie, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Bonnie Ste-Croix, Ansel Barnum, Low 'N Lonesome, The Lords of Leichtenstein, SONiA & disappear fear, Panache Quartet, Marci Geller, Neale Eckstein, Matt Nakoa, Davey O., Noah Rauchwerk


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