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A Susan Werner Kind of Weekend

As many concerts as I get to go and see, usually I see ‘my’ artists sort of in hit or miss fashion. So, when I get to see a favorite two nights in a row, it’s a pretty special occasion. Last weekend, that was a Susan Werner doubleheader.

Susan Werner and Jim Henry. Spotlight Cafe, Concord NH

Friday, November 2, was in Concord NH, at the Center for the Arts. They have a Spotlight Cafe for smaller shows, more intimate than the large theater. Susan had Jim Henry join her for accompaniment, fresh off the road from a tour with Mary Chapin Carpenter. He’s got a lovely nuanced style of play, and it complemented Susan very nicely. It was a pleasure to watch them enjoying each other so well up on stage.

Susan Werner at TCAN, Natick MA, with her trioOn Saturday night, November 3, the show shifted down to TCAN in Natick, MA. For this show, Susan had the stellar Trina Hamlin and Gail Ann Dorsey joining her. The amount of musicianship on stage when the three of them get together is just stunning, and since they also enjoy each other’s company so much, it becomes a magical event.  Susan also called up special guest Catie Curtis who, with Jenna Lindbo, treated us to her song Happy (a foreshadowing for the 2012 election results?) backed by the trio. The night was well worth every minute of a 2.25 hour each way drive. Can we do it again soon?

At both shows, we were treated to several songs from Susan’s upcoming Hayseed project. She’s still raising funds for it  so if you’re intrigued, check it out and pitch in something. The songs were terrific, and I am looking forward to hearing the final product.

Photos from both nights are posted… Find Concord here and Natick here. I probably ‘kept’ more than I should have posted, but I can’t help it – I want to celebrate all of the music!

One last thing… Saturday night’s show coincided with turning the clocks back, so the trio treated us to a delightful cover of Cher’s If I Could Turn Back Time. I only caught some of it on my iPhone, including some of Susan’s rant about the tradition, but it’s entertaining so I include it here. Enjoy!

Kicking off the blog with my first show of 2012!

Carolann Solebello

Welcome to my new photo gallery blog! My goal is to post photos both around when they are taken, and from my archives. You can see by the navigation that this should cover many possible subjects!

I’m kicking this off with the first show I got to see in 2012, back in February. I was most eager to catch a concert as my last one had been Dar Williams on December 3, 2011. That was a long gap between shows for me! There’s nothing like live music.

Carolann Solebello was the opener for this concert at the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse in Franklin, MA. A founding member of the fabulous trio, Red Molly, Carolann is now forging her own solo career. These days, she’s supporting a terrific new album called Threshold. Her entire set was composed of songs from Threshold, including one of my favorites, “Someone Else’s Dream.” I know she won some new fans that night as she was in great voice and the songs are so strong.

Tracy GrammerFollowing Carolann was Tracy Grammer, accompanied by Jim Henry. The latest collection that Tracy has released is called Little Blue Egg, perhaps the final collection of songs with the late Dave Carter. This is a wonderful treat, to have more of his music out here. He passed much too young, and we can only wonder what additional musical treasures he would have created. Luckily, he has a tireless and ardent beacon for his legacy in Tracy, who is a solid songwriter in her own right. Since I usually see Tracy at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, where we are either drowning or melting depending on the weather gods for any given year, it was nice to see her put on a ‘regular’ show in a relaxed, indoor setting, complete with storytelling. I was delighted to hear one of my favorites, Gyspy Rose, as well as the story behind it, where Dave originally wanted Tracy to flip the gender of the song and sing it from her perspective. Tracy wouldn’t do this until after Dave’s passing. Now, having the two different readings of the song presents a very interesting and enjoyable contrast.

The concert was a beautiful evening of music, and I am glad I was able to kick off my year with these fine ladies (and a very talented gentleman)!

By the way, for anyone looking to help, Tracy has a goal of selling 100,000 copies of Little Blue Egg, a very large number for an indie acoustic release. Let’s make it happen!

Oh yes, and there are photos! Check ’em out, if you’d like. Thanks and please do check back for new blog additions.