Falcon Ridge 2011


  1. Stephen says:

    Line 5 on the 1099- Line 5 on the 1099-C if marked NO will there be a tax lbiliiaty? I got one when some company tried to collect a debt they claimed I owed but didn’t. If this is taxable as a small company, I can by this sample send out 1099-C’s to everyone, and get the gov to pay me. This sounds wrong, but it is what is happening..I never owed the debt, but will I be required to pay taxes on it? Kinda sounds like a scam to me. +4Was this answer helpful?

  2. Suevonne says:

    Hey, good to find soenmoe who agrees with me. GMTA.

  3. Daniel says:

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  4. Maureen says:

    Ugh..that Packer game. Did the Saints get reduced to the eeinvalqut of a high school team at some point in time this last week? Good night, nurse.Wedding=Fun. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.But keep the paper bag and the drink close at hand just to be safe.

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